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Taking a look at AFM

This past week concluded the 28th annual American Film Market (Also known as AFM) in Santa Monica, California. In this weeks blog posting I will give an in depth look the film industries crème de la crème of film markets.

For those that don’t know what a film market is, unlike a film festival where films are only screened and sometimes judged on their content, a film market is where the actual deals get made. This is where the rights to films are purchased, providing opportunities for independent films and filmmakers to be discovered by the people who will eventually pay for them or help them get paid. Everyone from acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, producers, writers, and Hollywood’s big wigs are in attendance.

According to AFM, each year over 800 million dollars worth of business transactions are made at the market, making it a must attend destination for all members of the independent film community. This year, over 500 films were screened, 100 films had their world premier, over 1000 film projects were brought to the market, and nearly 400 production and distribution companies were in attendance.


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